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Fisher Body Plant 21 - Seen in the Field (#1)

Fisher Body Plant 21 at 6051 Hastings Street in Detroit, MI

Located between Midtown and New Center, in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood in Detroit, the Fisher Body Plant 21 is one of the many vacant manufacturing buildings located in the city. At one time, the building was part of the Fisher Body Company's expansive complex comprised of numerous buildings, churning out automotive bodies for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford and a bunch of now defunct automakers.

Abandoned for about 30 years, the former ~600,000 square foot automotive-body manufacturing facility is slated to be converted into the Fisher 21 Lofts. The $134 million adaptive reuse is being led by Greg Jackson with Jackson Asset Management, Kevin Lewand with Lewand Development and Richard Hosey with Hosey Development. Take a look at these architectural renderings by McIntosh Poris Associates.

Exterior rendering

Rooftop terrace rendering

The proposed development will be BIG. According to the Detroit Planning and Development Department, there will be 435 apartment units (some reserved as affordable units) and 38,000 square feet of commercial space. There will be a slew of amenities including a co-working space, internal courtyard/atrium, fitness center, swimming pool and rooftop terrace.

A similar adaptive reuse/redevelopment called Piquette Flats is underway just down the block, albeit on a much smaller scale. The ~110,000 square foot facility is the former Studebaker Sales and Service Center Building and is being converted into 161 apartment units by The Platform. The expected completion is mid-to-late 2024. Read more about this development here and here.

Further Reading on Fisher Body Plant 21 & the Fisher 21 Lofts:


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